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The difference between humidifier and aromatherapy diffuser

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Now, most of the time people are in the room, air conditioning room, indoor waste bacteria increased, lower humidity, household appliances to improve the indoor environment is more and more popular, humidifier and aromatherapy machine is one of the two, but the humidifier and aromatherapy machine is often confused.


Then we will introduce the difference between humidifier and aromatherapy machine.

The difference between humidifier and aromatherapy diffuser

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Aromatherapy: ultrasonic aromatherapy machine designed for users of essential oils, cavity can be added to pure plant essential oils and pure water. After the addition of essential oils, not only can increase the humidity of the air, but also able to emit aromatic molecules. According to the different components of essential oils, can play a different role.


Humidifier: humidifier main function for humidification, can only add water, and part of the product structure due to the water level design problems, the limitations of water quality requirements.


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Aroma machine: as a result of pure plant essential oils are mostly acidic, easy to ordinary plastic containers have a certain corrosive. Therefore, most of the aromatherapy machine using PP material, the fragrance of the machine chip, chip spoon, spray tablets are specifically developed for the essential oils, oil and water resistance to chemical corrosion. So the essential oil drops in the aromatherapy machine can be more thoroughly use every drop of fragrance essence, and very quickly will be extremely delicate fragrance molecules to each corner. Safe and easy to use.


Humidifier humidifier: general use ABS or AS plastic material is mainly used as the water tank, medium is water, not oil corrosion resistance, long-term use will lead to water corrosion, resulting in rupture, and may produce toxic gases released into the air, health effects.


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Aromatherapy machine: machine for aromatherapy essential oils essential oils user design, R & D of each product are humane and friendly interface, other users in the use of products / cleaning and maintenance have a good experience, especially the water chamber structure design is simple and convenient for users to * * for cleaning and maintenance; water tank capacity the design of slender, mist concentration uniformity to from beginning to end.


Humidifier: humidifier basically has the design of the water tank, water cavity design is complex, easy to produce scale after long-term use, it is difficult to clean


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Aromatherapy aromatherapy machine: machine air duct design using advanced atomization module with the international patent, the volume constant control circuit set, making each machine can produce aromatherapy spray high consistency and the light incense, incense and ensure the fine uniform grain, long time stay in the air, make the body better absorption of each essential oil molecules more fully.


Humidifier: humidifier humidification to live only as the main function of atomizing piece usually use 20~25mm diameter of large diameter, the particles are large and heavy, thick mist, mist particles in the air for the time is very short and elegant not far.


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Humidifier: humidifier ultrasonic oscillation power shortage, can not complete the decomposition of essential oils release, there may be some of the oil on the wall of the tank, a waste of essential oils.


Aromatherapy machine: Aromatherapy machine using ultrasonic vibration technology, you can spray the water molecules to the nanometer level can effectively spread the fragrance of essential oils into the air, so that we bathed in the fragrant air.


< cleaning method > 


Humidifier: ordinary humidifier because the material is relatively common, easy to use after the dirt, cleaning liquid is difficult to clean. Fog chip may also plug aging.


Aromatherapy machine: Aromatherapy machine tank through special treatment process, use, cleaning are very convenient.


To sum up, it can be considered essential oils diffuser more practical than the humidifier. This practicality, but also reflected in the following points:


1 essential oils diffuser function is more abundant, can purify the air through aromatherapy molecules, comfortable beauty. A variety of essential oils are also different, for example, rosemary can relieve fatigue, mountain lemon whitening oil control, Geranium can prevent colds, etc.. In addition, also can be used as a night light.


2 essential oils aromatherapy machine power is smaller, you can save electricity. In fact, compared to the humidifier machine, the same capacity, the greater the size of the application. And the power is smaller, do not have to worry about the use of electricity throughout the day.


3 essential oils aromatherapy machine smaller size, easy to carry. If you encounter a business trip, travel, etc., to bring out the humidifier is unrealistic. However, the fragrance machine is relatively small, it is easy to put in the suitcase or bag.


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