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Q. I want to put an essential oil diffuser in a small guest bathroom. Can the residue stain the walls or leave a sticky mess?
 The answer depends largely on the type and capacity of your chosen diffuser model. The microdroplets created by most diffusers should evaporate while suspended in the air, creating minimal residue. However, the area immediately around the diffuser may receive a higher concentration of oil-infused mist, which should be wiped periodically with an absorbent towel.

Q. Is it possible for essential oils to trigger allergies or create health problems?
 Although anything is possible when it comes to allergic reactions, most users should not experience the same reaction to diffused essential oils as they might with the real source. A rose-scented essential oil, for example, does not contain the pollen responsible for an allergic reaction.

The concentration of oil in the dispersed microdroplets is so diluted that inhalation should not pose a hazard, either. That said, we do not recommend direct inhalation of the oil-infused droplets, since an oil diffuser should never be confused with a room humidifier or steam vaporizer.

Q. Are essential oil diffusers noisy to operate? I want to put one in my bedroom so I can sleep better at night.
 Again, the answer depends on the particular make and model of the diffuser. Some models use ultrasonic vibrations to convert liquid into microdroplets. People with sensitive hearing may be able to detect these high-frequency soundwaves. Other models contain a small pump to disperse the mist into the room.

When some oil diffusers run dry, they can become noisy until the power is turned off or the supply is replenished. If you intend to operate an oil diffuser overnight, be sure it is completely full and has some sort of automatic shutoff feature.


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