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Mastering the art of aromatherapy is not a requirement for essential oil diffuser ownership, but it does help to understand the basic principles behind the practice.

One potential source for more information about aromatherapy is your local health food store or alternative medicine shop. These stores tend to carry a large assortment of essential oils, and they may have an experienced aromatherapist on staff.

A trained aromatherapist can suggest specific essential oil blends for specific purposes. Some aromas are better for inducing sleep, for example, while others are known to improve focus or alleviate the symptoms of depression.

Online pharmacies and natural remedy shops often provide detailed information on the benefits of every essential oil they offer. When in doubt, it is usually possible to order a sampler kit containing small doses of the most popular essential oils. Aromatherapists and alternative medical practitioners may also have their own websites filled with advice on the effects of aroma on both body and mind.


  • An essential oil diffuser can add some much-needed humidity to a small, dry room.

  • For best results, experts recommend that you use pure essential oils in your diffuser — not cheap synthetic copies that cost less.

  • Essential oil diffusers are just as much about art as they are science. As such, an important consideration is overall aesthetics. Some essential oil diffusers employ special lights to create a pleasing visual environment during aromatherapy sessions. Some are designed to be functional pieces of sculpture, blending in with other meditative elements in the room.

  • Proper maintenance is important when using essential oil diffusers, especially when transitioning from one oil blend to another.

  • All essential oil diffusers use roughly the same technology to disperse their contents into the air, but differences exist in the aesthetics of each product. High-end diffusers tend to emphasize form as well as function.

  • Some essential oil diffusers feature soft pastel lighting and/or minimalist artwork. Others are more functional than decorative, but they're still capable of delivering therapeutic aromas.

  • If you like the smell of incense but don’t want to deal with smoke or the potential safety hazard of a burning stick, consider an essential oil that’s scented like patchouli or another popular incense fragrance.


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