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Essential Oils

How to use essential oils for beauty

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     With the rise of natural beauty boom, has a history of thousands of years of aromatherapy essential oils, once again jumped to the center of the stage. What is different is that it is no longer in the original style, no longer wearing a veil of mystery. Now, with modern high-tech extraction technology, aromatherapy essential oils become the most fashionable cosmetic protagonist.

essential oils for beauty

Beauty legend across time and space


When plants are subjected to photosynthesis, the cells secrete aromatic molecules. These molecules gather sachet, spread the petals or leaves. Plant oils, refined extract is the sachet.


The essential oil aromatherapy, applied to beauty and health, in ancient Chinese, ancient India, ancient Arabia, ancient Egypt, ancient Hebrew literature history in early records. In ancient times, people's understanding of aromatherapy essential oils have been thoroughly, but due to the production of luxury cumbersome, precious, so only the use of nobility.


The legend of Cleo Petra, Cleopatra aromatherapy essential oils have a special liking. She likes to use rose essential oil and lavender essential oil bath or smoked smell, skin care. In order to meet her lover Anthony in Rome, with clove oil on the boat in the room with rose oil and Yilan oil, with oil fragrance aphrodisiac, gets the favor of Anthony.


Study on modern aromatherapy essential oils, began in france.


In the middle of the last century, the French doctors and scientists found that the essential oil is a plant hormone, with the same composition of the human and human life energy. Similar human hormone properties, on human skin and connective tissue of the arteriovenous circulation system, lymphatic system, muscle tissue, brain spinal cord, on the growth of the nervous system, the viscera, endocrine and exocrine glands have certain medical or harmonic function, very useful.


Study shows that the permeability is very strong, and even can "Penetrate" glass. Therefore, its nutrients can reach the skin deep tissue, is absorbed by small vessels, and then through the blood circulation, to reach the organs of health care. At the same time, the source of the oil molecules are very fine, high penetration, so it can be free and effective in and out of the body, will not leave any toxins and residues.


Now, clinical trials have worked with essential oil. The essential oil aromatherapy beauty therapy, along with the development of plant extracting technology, increase the yield of essential oil, gradually from the ancient imperial products evolved into today's noble life. Use oil as raw material, through the method of the birth of aromatherapy dressing mask, eye mask, has become one of the most popular beauty fashion.


20, 30, 40 year old beautiful formula


The twenty year old oil secretion of the skin most exuberant, acne, blackheads often attack on your face. Essential oil fragrance mask to help you complete the most basic and most important thing - clean. After a clean and peel off the mask, sounded very shiny disappeared. The skin moist and plump, fat sucked in secret is also timely to add moisture to the skin.


Thirty year old skin is most worried about is that the deposition of pigment, and ultimately the formation of stains. Is extracted from rose essential oil, lavender essential oil, rosemary oil and other natural plant essential oil facial mask, can soften the cuticle, promote epidermal growth, significantly reduce freckles and dark spots, make the skin more smooth and delicate skin tissue, more transparent and uniform.


At the age of forty to enter the age of 40, hormone secretion is reduced greatly, the skin also will be relaxed aging. Effective components of aromatherapy essential oils in the mask with the blood circulation and stimulate the dormant cells, to tighten, remove wrinkles and fine lines and wrinkles in the concave oil release of small molecules, the reorganization and strengthening the skin, make skin appear bright and clear overall improvement.


From a comparative perspective


Use aromatherapy essential oils do mask, contains more than and 20 kinds of precious essential oils extracted from plants, the equivalent of the beauty salon to do a real beauty care aromatherapy essential oils.


Rapid penetration of 1/50 small molecular structure of essential oils is only Chinese herbal medicine molecular structure, the average penetration of 1 mm of facial skin, Chinese herbal medicine molecular structure takes about 10 minutes, while the small molecular structure of essential oils and only 30 - 60 seconds;


The high absorption rate of Chinese herbal medicine macromolecular structure, volatile, only 15% is absorbed by the skin, and the volatile oil is very strong, the skin absorption rate of more than 90%;


Effect: compared with Chinese herbal medicine, active components of essential oil can penetrate deep into the skin through the essential role, blood transport oxygen, moisture and nutrients to the cells, strongly activate cells, improve overall skin condition, make skin regeneration, blocking and solves many problems women face dull, rough, wrinkles, pigmentation, relaxation and acne from the source.


Safety assurance: in 5000 cases of skin test, the plant essential oil allergy and adverse reaction rate was 0, while the Chinese herbal medicine was 10.


A lot of trouble, save economic and convenient to the beauty salon to do nursing, an essential oil fragrance mask only eighteen yuan, just ten minutes, easily completed whenever and wherever possible, a professional beauty care.


The secret recipe.


Aromatherapy essential oils of acupoint


Acupoint aromatherapy mask with the out of the ordinary acupoint application, the effective components of essential oils, through 16 sensitive areas around the eye, quickly and accurately penetrate into human skin, its strong permeability, quick absorption, good effect, for the female affection love.


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