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Essential Oils

Various methods of use of essential oil

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There are many ways to use essential oils. Different methods of use have their own characteristics and their symptoms. For example, to solve the skin problem with essential oil, the best way is to massage or smear, and the other methods are not effective for the two methods. If you want to solve the problem of indoor air using essential oils, can choose incense or spraying way. When using essential oil to solve some physical problems, choose the most suitable method of use to ensure the best effect. Special people should pay more attention to the method problem, such as asthma patients with careful use of steam inhalation, weak body do not use essential oil bath and so on.

Various methods of use of essential oil

    Inhalation - the simplest use of essential oil


    When inhaling, the plant essential oil molecules are brought into the olfactory cells at the top of the nose and then transferred to the olfactory area of the brain. Chemical substances in the essential oil can promote the release of chemicals in the nervous system, resulting in the effect of stabilization, relaxation, or excitement. The essential oil also enters the lungs and passes through the gas exchange into the blood circulation.


    Direct inhalation for symptoms: direct inhalation is a very simple way to use. This method can be used in meetings, driving, riding, or in class. Direct inhalation is the most direct and effective method for headache, insomnia, emotional instability and respiratory tract infection.


    Steam inhalation for symptoms: steam inhalation can send essential oil into the circulation of the lungs and enter the blood. This method is the most rapid and effective treatment for the cold and respiratory tract infection. It is also the best way to refresh and regulate the mood, but it is not suitable for the patients with asthma.


    Symptoms of fumigation and inhalation are essential: essential oils are highly volatile substances. If heated, they will soon be filled with air, and plant molecules will be inhaled through breathing. Fumigation is the best way to maintain smooth smell and make it free from pollution. It can also improve environmental hygiene, purify the air and avoid infection. Aroma can soothe the mood and improve mental state, such as promoting sleep and promoting lust.

Various methods of use of essential oil

    Massage - relax and adjust the whole body function


    The best time for massage is to take advantage of the wet body when you have just washed the bath. The essential oils penetrate into the pores of the skin through massage. As the blood flows, it stimulates the nerves to regulate nervous activity, enhance body energy, relieve pressure related symptoms, relieve pain and improve skin condition.


    Massage for symptoms: massage is an ancient art of maintenance, can make the body relaxed, reduce the secretion of pressure hormones. After 15 minutes of massage every day, the immune cells increased significantly after one month. In addition to the psychological and emotional help, massage can enhance blood circulation, remove toxins, and improve the internal environment, to regulate the body function, so massage scope is very extensive, including face care, body massage, slimming breast, relieve pain and abdominal pain, constipation, lymphatic drainage.


    1. face massage: apply massage oil fully on the face, then massage gently with hard middle finger and ring finger. Facial massage can nourish the skin, delay the aging of the skin, with the different efficacy of the essential oil can also solve various cosmetic problems.


    2. abdominal massage: long term abdominal massage can enhance the digestive function of the stomach, promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation, massage and relax naturally. It is not appropriate to massage after meals or in particular hunger.


    3. leg massage: leg massage can not only relieve muscle fatigue and joint pain, but also can reduce excess fat in the legs, remove edema and create slender straight legs.

Various methods of use of essential oil

    Compress -- most suitable for dealing with skin problems


    The application is to soak the cloth in the hot water or cold water mixed with the essential oil, and apply it to the body parts of a small area. Because of the heat and cold induction will gradually transfer to the body, by the pain or hot compress will be reduced, so according to the application method is very applicable to the surface of the problem, such as cuts and scratches. Every skin problem has two or more essential oils that can be selected according to personal constitution. If symptoms don't improve significantly after 3 days, another essential oil must be selected.


    Hot compress is suitable for symptoms: hot compress helps to promote blood circulation, release toxins or enhance skin permeability, and is effective for deep cleansing, softening horniness, menstrual pain, neuralgia, rheumatoid arthritis and hangover. Menstrual pain can be applied to the abdomen. When hangover, it can be applied to the chest, liver and back kidney. Muscle soreness, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, and hot compress can be combined with hand, foot, whole body massage, essential oil bath or foot bath.


    Cold compress for symptoms: cold compress can play a role in relieving, calming, and pacifying, generally used for fever, nosebleed or exercise injury. When a headache, a fever or a nosebleed, apply a wet towel with an essential oil on your forehead and add ice or ice bags for about 15 minutes.

Various methods of use of essential oil

    Spraying disinfection and deodorization, clean living environment --


    Spraying method is to put the oil in distilled water, put in a spray bottle, shake evenly. Spraying in bed, clothes, furniture, bookcase, on the carpet, can play the role of disinfection and deodorization, clean living environment effect. The commonly used essential oils of rosemary essential oil, lemon essential oil, orange oil, peppermint oil, Geranium oil, eucalyptus oil etc..


    Bath method -- accelerated The new supersedes the old. and circulation


    Bath method is home use oil has the best effect, can improve the body's metabolism, helps the absorption of essential oils. Even for a time not too rich people, can also be used in aromatherapy, into the bath soak, just 5-10 minutes, will have the same effect and bath!


    Systemic symptoms: General for bath bath is what we call the bath, by covering the shoulder to the temperature of the hot water, to improve blood circulation, increase the The new supersedes the old. Suitable for physical conditioning, eliminate fatigue, rheumatism and joint pain, have a fever, blood pressure, weight loss and other problems, improve the The new supersedes the old.


    Bath is the best method for symptoms: Bath physiological health. One can only accommodate hip porcelain or stainless steel pots, containing half a basin of warm water, drip 3-4 drops of essential oils (can choose lavender, rosemary, mint, Ugali etc.). The oil stirring to open, lumbar and caudal, hip bath for 15-20 minutes, as the key to the treatment of skin itching pain, good effect of vaginitis or physiological period for sanitary napkins, airtight caused.

Various methods of use of essential oil

    Foot for foot fatigue symptoms: suitable for soothing to foot edema, cold winter, cold hands and feet.


    Suitable for oil hand bath symptoms: in addition to the hand to maintain the skin moisturizing effect, the main function is to relieve the hand fatigue and pressure. It can not only ease the finger joints, wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck pain and tension, but also improve the wrist pain and tenosynovitis, especially effective for white-collar workers, craftsmen, machine operators.


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