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The effect and function of jasmine essential oil

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     Jasmine Jasmine welcomed by women, for women's physical health care efficacy significantly, to improve the female premenstrual syndrome and postpartum depression is very helpful, Jasmine has enhancement effect, is a kind of essential oils breast. Here we introduce the role of jasmine:
                             The effect and function of jasmine essential oil

First, the effect of jasmine essential oil (in the skin):

1, jasmine essential oil can improve acne, acne symptoms, conditioning dry and sensitive skin, fade pregnant lines and scars;

2, promote skin blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, skin roughness, aging and other issues have a good effect

Two, the efficacy of jasmine essential oil (in the psychological aspects):

1, jasmine is known as "the king of flowers", suitable for dilution after smearing on the ear, neck, wrist, chest used perfume, jasmine essential oil fragrance, charming, bring people happy, happy feeling, also known as the flower of love;

2, to create a relaxed, positive atmosphere, help to soothe the melancholy anxiety, so that the mind to comfort, enhance self-confidence

The effect and function of jasmine essential oil

Three, the effect of jasmine essential oil (on the body):

1, jasmine breast: in other sites in the article, we introduced the "oil" rose essential oil, jasmine essential oil is called "oil king", is also very suitable for the use of one of the essential oils of women, breast massage can play the role of beautifying the chest and breast.

2, can be used to regulate the female reproductive system. The warm uterus ovary, improve uterine blood circulation and infertility caused by the cold; improve the female premenstrual syndrome, has a soothing effect on dysmenorrhea, uterine spasm, has auxiliary curative effect on postpartum depression.

3, jasmine have aphrodisiac effects for men, can adjust hormone secretion, improve prostate hypertrophy and enhance sexual function.

The effect and function of jasmine essential oil

Four. Introduction of jasmine essential oil:

1, the smell of jasmine flowers: fragrant aroma, volatile for plate to the adagio.

2. The color of jasmine essential oil: extracted from petals, reddish brown

3, jasmine oil origin: originated in Egypt, India, Iran, and now the main producing areas are southern France, Algeria, Spain, Morocco

4, note: Jasmine jasmine to diluted with base oil before use, to avoid the use of sensitive skin, do not use during pregnancy, menstrual period of women.


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