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Essential Oils

Is the essential oil really effective?

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Many people want to be able to specifically talk about essential oils, has not written to write, because the problem is too great, and the information involved in the structure is extremely complex, in the face of many cosmetics are confused sister, a repair sister really Worried that the basic information system of essential oils sort out again, they really look at the article to scare away. Well, hope today will not scare you, the article will be longer, or the old rules, endless collection of slowly digested, if not patient, directly to the latter part of the article, must be useful on the.

The debate about essential oils

The debate about essential oils

Most users of the main problem is to hear the two almost completely opposing view.


Opposition: essential oils of many skin care effect lack of sufficient scientific basis, and the domestic essential oil is basically a lot of false, the market is particularly chaotic, the effect is seriously expanded, many unilateral essential oils are irritating to the skin, is a common allergen, some essential oils and even the human body Toxic, even if the foreign aromatherapy, many theories have pseudo-scientific suspicion.


In favor of the school: the correct use of essential oils beneficial to physical and mental health, a lot of skin problems have some effect, foreign aromatherapy in many countries as adjuvant therapy, and even included in the scope of health insurance, doctors can give patients with essential oils, certified aromatherapists Can be used for some health problems to consumers with essential oils.


You are not to ask, you put these two ideas put out, which I believe ah? A repair sister that support which school point of view, will be shot dead, today is really braved a huge risk of being attacked to write, this topic will be a lot of controversy out. First of all, the two factions are basically the facts, but the position is very different, in general, the opposition that these shortcomings can not be tolerated, the risk is so big, how can use essential oils? In favor of the school are basically essential oils lovers, aromatherapists, and the correct use of essential oils to improve their own experience of some of the problems. These two views of the opposition and the traditional Chinese medicine controversy is the same as long existed.

Many people confuse the concept of essential oils

Many people confuse the concept of essential oils

Give a real example, there was a friend came around to ask. She can not tell the tea tree oil and camellia oil, "said pregnant women can not use essential oils, my mother back to let people from home to bring me camellia oil to eat, it does not matter ah? Bobyshop camellia oil is not acne?


Generally we say that essential oils and vegetable oils are actually two completely different things.


The first said vegetable oil, which is often referred to as basal oil, or base oil. All the main ingredients of vegetable oil are all kinds of fatty acids, fatty acids will have a sense of greasy and lubrication, our body's skin itself contains fatty acids, base oil itself also contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and more from the plant seeds Squeezed from itself with a supplement of skin fatty acids and other nutrients, maintenance of the skin effect.


The most popular understanding is that the home of edible oil, such as corn oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, olive oil, camellia oil are vegetable oil, but the food level and the level of cosmetics, health care products will be different levels.


So, when we say that the defects of essential oils, we must not so much vegetable oil are misjudged.


Just mentioned that the panic of pregnant women friends, is definitely more worry, and she is mainly camel oil this edible can also skin care of vegetable oil, as a tea tree oil. (Weak weak one, Chinese with tea words, but camellia oil, tea tree oil, green tea extract, are three different sources of plants)


What are the essential oils we often say? The various parts of the plant, including roots, trunks, bark, stems, leaves and flowers and other parts, through a variety of extraction methods (more than 90% are distillation), extract the composition is very complex, a variety of organic compounds Of the mixture, which is what we say essential oil essential oil. Essential oil composition to what extent, we often say that the rose oil, there are hundreds of human known chemical composition. Currently known are the chemical composition of various essential oils, as many as thousands of kinds, including: olefins, acids, esters, alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, phenols and other chemical composition of the classification.

Have you been halted by the unilateral compound?

Have you been halted by the unilateral compound?

Then we often listen to the clouds in the concept of a variety of essential oils, what unilateral, compound, concentration and so on.


Only from a single plant refined essential oils are generally called unilateral essential oils, and a variety of unilateral essential oils mixed together, called compound essential oil.


It is noteworthy that 100% of the concentration of unilateral essential oils is very dangerous, because of volatile, corrosive and so on, so need to use dark glass bottles sealed storage. It is generally believed that 1% -3% of the essential oil concentration is safe and can be used for human skin and massage.


If it is a special treatment, you can in the professional (mainly foreign doctors, due to national conditions, the domestic doctors do not understand the essential oils) under the guidance of short-term, local use of higher concentrations, which does not belong to the conventional skin care category.


Essential oils also have a characteristic is basically insoluble in water, soluble in oil and organic solvents, so often with vegetable oil to dilute several unilateral essential oils, dubbed 1-3% concentration of compound essential oil. As for why not use inert mineral oil, mainly relative to mineral oil, vegetable oil is a smaller molecular weight grease, more suitable for skin massage oil carrier.


It is worth noting that the compound essential oil is not necessarily diluted, and unilateral essential oils are not necessarily 100% concentration. A lot of essential oils to tell you that the compound of essential oil concentration is low, can be used directly in the skin, in fact, is not accurate. For example, you mix apple juice and orange juice together, that is, compound fruit juice, but as long as there is no dilution, the concentration is 100%.


We are familiar with the bodyshop tea tree essential oil, which clearly marks 15% of the concentration, is a proper dilution, local skin use unilateral essential oil. Finished the concept of essential oils, then what is the lack of essential oils and the effectiveness of the spectrum?

What are the essentials of essential oils?

What are the essentials of essential oils?

We say that the effect of essential oils is based on the basis of: grade, purity, the use of methods are the premise of Kaopu.


Essential oils are used in skin care products, the main role is as raw materials, can replace the aroma of synthetic fragrance, can also be used as anti-inflammatory agents and skin conditioning agent. It is also the main addition ingredient of various massage oil of face, eye, body and so on. Because the molecular weight of essential oils is very small, even the skin can be absorbed into the blood, so do not worry about the problem is not absorbed by the skin.


The biggest advantage of a common: very strong bactericidal


One of the biggest drawbacks common to allergens and toxins


Sterilization, anti-inflammatory effect in this regard is the most reliable. Aromatherapy books on a large length of various inflammation, corresponding to the appropriate essential oils, there is a very detailed description. Respiratory infections, colds, skin wound anti-inflammatory, athlete's foot, dandruff, acne and so on. Tea tree, lavender, thyme, eucalyptus, cedar, myrrh ... the most widely known is tea and lavender essential oil.

What essential oils do not fly

Essential oil this thing spread to China, due to a variety of commercial purposes, the effectiveness of publicity beyond recognition.


In fact, a variety of foreign formal aromatherapy books, involving essential oils of skin effects are mainly a variety of sterilization-based, other skin effects are rarely mentioned. Note that this is not talking about vegetable oil, vegetable oil on the skin are basically the effect of moisture, some repair, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic (such as evening primrose oil).


So, the important link came. What is the so-called essential oil effect must be nonsense?


1, freckle the most typical negative case, is the year of advertising and television shopping cross-bombing of the so-called Swiss CC freckle essential oil, has also been the explosion of Taobao. No basis for the nonsense, some photosensitive oil if misuse, does not lead to pigmentation on the good, and now there is no essential oil to inhibit tyrosinase and melanin have proven significant effect.


2, rhinoplasty and breast enhancement Taobao search for very high oil is extremely high and essential oils, if you are familiar with the operation of electricity, you can verify the Taobao search index, a repair sister was deeply intimidated. You are surrounded by this essential oil, and forward this article to her, do not be fooled, and as a result of rhinoplasty and breast, in addition to micro-plastic surgery and surgery, there is no way to fly, this is the truth of the universe.

On the toxicity of essential oils

On the toxicity of essential oils

First of all, essential oils, as aromatic compounds of this family, but also a lot of fragrance, an important raw material for perfume, is a common type of allergens. But also the potential allergens, ingredients and more complex, which is a lot of essential oil opponents, that essential oils for the lack of skin and the risk of more than reason.


On the toxicity of essential oils, and allergies, this article in many scientific skin care category will be mentioned, and professional aromatherapy books will be a large length of the description of the toxicity of various essential oils, especially ketones containing essential oils. (Of course not all that is toxic, there are many essential oils)


We will certainly be surprised, the original essential oils are poisonous? Pure unilateral essential oil is indeed, the most popular sentence, is the drug three detoxification. Then the problem again, how is the oil and drugs compared to it? Essential oil in the end count as cosmetics?

Essential oils in the end count as cosmetics?

Essential oils in the end count as cosmetics

Before the establishment of modern science and modern medicine system, the habit of the West is to extract all kinds of unilateral essential oils from various plants by distillation, for the treatment of some diseases, and for preserving, various religious ceremonies, and perfume Wait. China is a variety of plants for drying dehydration (the traditional is mainly drying), and then as Chinese herbal medicines and ingredients.


In a sense, unilateral essential oils have certain applications and properties similar to domestic herbal medicine. Therefore, essential oils and herbs may be toxic, indiscriminate use of essential oils may be toxic accumulation.


Essential oils and traditional Chinese medicine, honey, like, with the nature of agricultural products, essential oil quality is good or bad, mainly depends on the plant itself and extraction technology. Different origin, different years, climate, soil and water will affect the use of refined oils of plants.


Cosmetics factory is not the production of unilateral essential oils, cosmetics company is only responsible for the packaging of unilateral essential oils, posted their own cards only. (In the country, fake blending essential oil links in a lot of bad cosmetics company)


This industry chain is this: plant growth mature → farmers picking harvest → farm distillation plant extraction → essential oil traders to buy → sell cosmetics / perfume / and other essential oils of the company Modern society, for unilateral essential oils, each country Control will be different, China is now unilateral essential oils as a cosmetic control, the implementation of standards are: GB / T 26516-2011 massage essential oils. The document states: This standard applies to the need to go through the massage base oil diluted before the human body can be used for massage and massage massage oil products. It is clear that unilateral essential oils need to be diluted, diluted before available. Careful study of this standard, in fact, and published in the cosmetics specification on the definition of cosmetics (which can be used directly in the skin) is somewhat contradictory. Well, regardless of essential oils in the end count as cosmetics, but one thing is certain, 100% unilateral essential oil without dilution, must not indiscriminate use, and the use of essential oils and methods, far more than the general use of cosmetics to be complex and difficult to understand.

In the end do not use essential oils?

In the end do not use essential oils

1, this type of population is not recommended with essential oils:

① impatient people, easy to use wrong and mistakes. Do not accidentally get the oil to the eye, is definitely a disaster. A repair sister of the mother had a bottle of 100% concentration of essential oils, middle of the night to see the dark, as the wind cream coated with the baby was mosquito bites the face. The next morning baby face and complain, the kind of feeling the feeling of heart who understand?


② skin was identified as allergens are fragrance and aroma compounds. Although it is not necessarily allergic to all essential oils, it is not worth the risk.


③ skin care steps, skin are not clear people. This is the first to put the cleansing, moisturizing, sunscreen do a good job, essential oils such as the need for skills and ability to judge the product, not suitable.


2, such groups can be considered with essential oils:


① smell the taste of various essential oils are like and feel relaxed and emotional relief of people. Such people, essential oils are most suitable for use as "placebo".


② skin care homework has done very thoroughly, I hope the oil to add life to the fun of people. Such as essential oil bath, aroma of various home magical effect. Like to do all kinds of body massage, SPA, that there is no more than diluted compound massage oil is more suitable for SPA massage carrier.


③ for their own skin care, health care, health, the correct view of the world. Can be dialectical view of essential oils, will rational use, know how to look at regular professional aromatherapy books, will be the right choice of essential oils brands and products.

How to watch the addition of essential oils of cosmetics

How to watch the addition of essential oils of cosmetics

Many people worry that the addition of essential oils will be toxic? Many cosmetics cater to the trend of plant concept, so that the product has a special plant flavor, different from those synthetic fragrance products, often add essential oils.


In fact, cleansing, cream, cream and other products, even the facial care oil, add the proportion of essential oils is very low, most of the total amount of essential oils to add less than 1%, because the pure oil cost in the cosmetics Very high So this dose basically do not have to worry about what toxic problems.


Indiscriminate use of essential oils can be said that the high purity of unilateral essential oils, even if it is known to be directly used 100% lavender essential oil, can not be used every day. 1% and 100% of the concentration, of course, not the same security.

Write in the last words

Write in the last words

The following is interested in the people can refer to the books, only to say that the most classic, than the general stresses skin care books dark Oh, if this book can not read, then the other aromatic therapy book advanced There is no fate of the.


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