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Essential Oils

Essential oils are used in many ways

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There are many kinds of essential oils. Here are some of the essential oils that are now on the market and on the market.

    There are many kinds of essential oils. Here are some of the essential oils that are now on the market and on the market.

    100%, pure plant essential oils (pure essential oils): divided into unilateral essential oils (also known as single oil), compound essential oils (also known as compound oil) and base oil (also known as base oil).


    A, essential oil (single oil): refers to a simple species, without the formula of pure essential oils, can be used alone, can also be used for mixed deployment, as if without prescription of single drug.


    PS: used alone is the essential oil I do not recommend, because the purity of essential oil is very high, can not be used directly on the skin. Please note that the essential oil can not be directly applied to the skin to skin! This is very dangerous, excessive use may also cause more serious consequences. If there is no experience of using essential oils, please don't try to buy their own essential oil to DIY.


    B, compound essential oil (compound): refers to several essential oil has good collocation, formulation of essential oils can be used immediately, generally by the R & D companies on properties and chemical properties of different oils produced through the combination of post deployment, convenient use, is a good prescription for the medicines with.


    C, base oil (oil): is used to reconcile the high concentration of one or several essential oil (not suitable for direct smear on the skin) of pure plant medium of oil, through the base oil to reconcile, can massage and other methods used directly in the body.


    Essential oils are volatile aromatic substances extracted from various parts of the plant. Different essential oils have different effects and understand their effects. They can be used differently in due course. This is a small series together to understand the various ways to use essential oils!


    First, when used for spraying


    Drop 3-6 drops of essential oil in the pure water of 30ml. Mix it evenly in a spray bottle. Use it as a spray. It can clean the air and moisturize the skin. Spray in closets, beds, or furniture to disinfect, smell and improve living conditions.


    Two, when used for perfume


    Some essential oils are not only good smelling, but also have the functions of protecting body and mind, calming anxiety, boosting mood, cheerful mood, treating sore throat and coughing. Therefore, use it as a perfume, drop a few drops on a handkerchief or tissue paper, and bring it with you. You can smell it anytime, anytime. It works very well!


    Three, Bath


    Some essential oil can promote blood circulation, enhance the elasticity of blood vessels and regulate the function of the body function, choose this oil to take a bath, can be a pleasant mood, quickly relieve fatigue, so as to prevent diseases and delay senility.


    Four, massage


    Use essential oils to massage the whole body, can promote blood circulation, purify the body not absorbed by the human body garbage, discharge toxins in the body, relieve muscle pain, etc., in order to achieve beauty, skin care and health care and other amazing effects!

Essential oils are volatile aromatic substances extracted


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