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Essential Oils

Proper use of aromatherapy essential oils

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       aromatherapy essential oil user method

1, essential oils are from aromatic plants, extract the essence of the plant, it is often said that the plant hormone. Aromatherapy in modern Europe developed is a method of using essential oils and mental care. Extract of plants essential oils not only has a special flavor, but also has a magical effect. Through the bath, massage and other ways to balance and relieve the body and spirit.


Essential oils are fully volatile, can be completely dissolved in alcohol and oil. Good permeability to the skin, easy to be absorbed by the skin. To promote the improvement of the human body, improve the positive function of the body itself.


2, the history of Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy beauty, is an ancient healing method, ancient Cleopatra rose with the palace, in the Tang Dynasty Yang Guifei with flowers soaking bath


Today the aromatherapy beauty, is essentially different from ancient times. The history of the "essential" focus on form and sense of smell, the use of materials is the plant itself, today's "aromatherapy beauty", use is made of plant essential oils, and increase the beautification of body skin, treatment of heart disease, the effect of physical fitness. The Harano Kakaoru is the highest in the attached to aromatherapy, listen, touch, smell, sight, taste, feeling six sense therapy, let you listen to the gentle melodious nature as aromatherapy beauty music, in the gentle fragrance light, elegant environment in the field of aromatic massage in gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, accept professional beautician, finally make your face beautiful and moving body, delicate skin tight, make you mesmerised, enjoy wilderness nourishment, physical and mental fatigue and pressure release.


3, the principle of action


Essential oils can be Qingrejiedu, clean the skin, control oil, whitening, anti wrinkle skin, dispel pouch black rim of the eye, but also can promote the regeneration of damaged tissue and restore skin function. The use of the essence of the essence of the conditioning method, to deal with the skin effect is very significant, but it is natural and no side effects, has become the first choice for many skin problems. In particular, the progress of research and development of refined oil, promote the current oil skin care.


The 27 session of the United States Fair, oil has become a new protagonist of beauty care. She has the beauty of the human body, relieve stress, relax muscles and so on.


4, the basic classification


[essential oil] full name one hundred percent pure natural plant essential oil, single oil (Dan Fang), compound oil (compound), base oil (base oil), three kinds of expensive.


With a large number of cheap synthetic spices and a small amount of pure essential oils formulated. Low price.


With 95% isopropyl alcohol and 5% pure essential oil in the preparation of a single oil, moderate price.


5, the use of methods


brief introduction


A lot of essential oil use method: direct method, method, smell incense fumigation, massage, bath method and wet dressing method, skin care method.


1, direct suction method. As long as the soul has not withered, see flowers, will not consciously smell, intoxicated in the flowers. After all, the attachment to nature, is written into the human DNA, and essential oils, is the essence of flowers. After being captured by the olfactory villi, the aromatic molecules will be converted into electrical signals, touching the nervous system, so as to boost or relax the spirit. Such as roses, can give women happiness; sandalwood, can quickly Anshenning state; and orange, can instantly relieve tension, relax and bring joy to the pressure of women.


In fact, the easiest way is to drop it in a cup filled with hot water, immediately pleasant fragrance immediately filled the house. So let the aroma scattered over indoors, we called "aromatherapy steam". Aromatherapy essential oils was originally highly volatile oil, so as to open the bottle, fragrance will be scattered. In congestion time, as long as the bottle of mint essential oil directly open, placed beside him, can relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion. To the extensive use of essential oils in daily life, may wish to use the fast "aromatherapy steam", and let the aroma volatile with steam. Bathed in pleasant aroma, as long as 15 minutes, you can evaporate wonderful effect, it is worth a try. In addition to hot water evaporation with aroma, also can be in high temperature goods a few drops of essential oil, let it slowly evaporate. The essential oil drops in the shade (preferably cloth), let the heat bulb aromatherapy essential oil.


2, incense incense method refers to the essential oil, make essential oil fragrance spread to every corner, a kind of essential oil to achieve sterilization, air purifying effect using the method. At the same time, the essential oil molecules can also clean and purify the respiratory system, relieve lung discomfort.


3, fumigation with hot water in the basin, 1-3 drops of essential oil, to take up the steam fumigation face brush (required to makeup and wash, in order to let the steam flow), can use a towel to cover the entire head. Probably for 10 minutes, let the ingredients can penetrate the skin of essential oils. This method can smooth the respiratory tract, have very good effect for dry cough, runny nose.


4, the essential oil drops in the bath method is slightly higher than the temperature of bath water, let the body soak, which is called "aromatherapy bath". In addition to soak, at work or housework, you can take a break from soaking hands or feet, feel more comfortable. The choice of aromatherapy essential oils, the best suitable for the physical and mental state, at the same time plus massage, there will be a better relaxation effect.


5, massage massage can promote the essential oil in the shortest possible time to be absorbed by the skin, the skin has excellent maintenance, and can accelerate the blood circulation, to relax the muscles, ease the mood effect. If collocation aromatherapy oils together, is the so-called "aromatherapy massage".


Facial massage: oil transfer ratio of 1%, that is, in the basic oil of 10 ml add 2-3 drops of essential oil.


Body massage: oil ratio of 2.5%, that is, the basic oil in 10 ml of 5-8 drops of essential oil.


Note: sensitive skin before use skin test.


With the effect of different kinds of essential oils, the release of the fragrance from the nose to the brain, can make the nervous, endocrine, immune and nervous system balance. Not only the effect of essential oil fragrance, also contain drug ingredients, can by massage, from the surface of the skin deeply absorbed by the body, blood and lymph circulation in the body, running to the organization.


6, according to a variety of aromatherapy oil wet dressing effect, in addition to the massage oil directly coated on the skin, oil wet dressing is also a common method to use essential oils, the cotton yarn containing essential oils into the cold water or hot water soaked, Fuyu affected area, can help the oil deep penetration, improve a variety of physical problems.


What circumstances hot?


The main effects of essential oil hot compress: to promote microvascular expansion, improve local blood circulation and lymph circulation, help relieve muscle spasm.


Oil is suitable for hot compress old wounds, such as dysmenorrhea, rheumatic pain, abdominal pain, back pain, etc..


Hot compress is a kind of aromatherapy is very good, not only can warm body tired, can also relieve physical and mental stress. Hot towel, can make the expansion of blood vessels, skin absorption function became better, the shoulder pain and back pain, headache, pain and other physiological pain, analgesic effect of lavender, chamomile, geranium, Rome.


What circumstances cold?


The main effects of essential oil: hypothermia, cold help vasoconstriction, reducing local hyperemia and edema; and can reduce the nerve endings of the sensitivity, suppression of sensory nerve, to relieve pain.


For the new cold damage, such as acne, burns and muscle soreness.


7 skin care


We recommend that you use the commonly used plant skin care products, the appropriate addition of essential oils, because the essential oil molecules are extremely small, can quickly penetrate the epidermis, into the body circulation. Add essential oils, skin care products more easily absorbed. For example, after the addition of rose essential oil, even ordinary whitening products, but also can quickly see the effect. The moisturizing and anti wrinkle and firming skin, essential oils also have amazing effect.

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