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Essential Oils

Essential oil care and enjoy life

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   With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, the efficacy of essential oils has been gradually recognized and accepted. Essential oils are known as "Western herbal medicines". They can penetrate into the blood circulation through the skin, and can effectively regulate the body, so as to relieve, purify and so on. At the same time, different kinds of essential oils have different effects. For some diseases, they also have the functions of relieving and alleviating symptoms. Essential oils are very helpful for many diseases and can be restored with drugs. And used in daily life, it can purify air, disinfect and sterilize, and can prevent some infectious diseases. Now on the market a superb collection of beautiful things consumers in the selection of types of essential oils, are often hard to choose from, as a professional skin care salon class brand, combined with professional testing and practices, launched the "flower of collaterals" new twelve meridian health essential idea.

    In order to protect you and your family's health, Cristina in May launch of oil family package, select three classic essential oils, so that you and your family smell fragrant, net enjoy easy life


    A person, an aromatherapy lamp, a few drops of essential oils, a cup of herbal tea, delicate fragrance linger quietly, tired gradually dissipated. A wise woman knows how to pet herself, and, in the simplest way, gives herself the most comfortable enjoyment --- a perfect SPA for her soul and skin.


    Smell the fragrance of flower essence - Fei compound essential oil


    Conducive to physical and mental well-being; breathing smoothly.


    Recommended use: drop essential oils in oil bottles, tissues or handkerchiefs for sniffing.


    [foot fitness - flower Department Luo Chang] compound essential oil


    Relieve stress, improve body vitality, regulate your stomach and build up your body.


    Recommended method: feet: take 8~10 drops of essential oil drops to 37 DEG ~40 DEG in the hot water, soak your feet for 15~20 minutes;


    [clean air - aromatic essential oil tea series champs]


    Australian tea tree is known as "antibacterial warrior", which has special purification and bactericidal efficacy. Only in the hundreds of layers of plants grown in Australia can be extracted as tea tree oil. Keri Tina tea tree oil, derived from pure Australian essential oils, is effective in purifying the air.


    Recommended use: steam fumigation: add eight water in the fragrant stove, drop the proper amount of essential oil and light candles;


    Keri Tina oil, from the nature of the original fusion beauty secret, according to the characteristics of different essential oils, select three classic oil, let you and your family to enjoy the gentle tenderness of the comfortable home life, also can get a full range of care for you and your family, let the life without fear of pressure, without fear of natural environment. Enjoy your happy time to care of essential oils!



    How to choose high quality essential oils?:


    Small molecular weight: high quality oil, either unilateral or compound essential oil, because of the small molecular weight, strong penetration, falling on the clothes after volatilization are generally not leave oil stains, rather than pure essential oils will obviously leave grease.


    Origin: each plant has its own origin, which is the most suitable growth environment, only the best plants can extract the finest essential oils;


    Packing: the essential oils are precious, and light, heat and moisture will destroy essential oils. Therefore, the selection of imported dark bottles is very important for the storage period of essential oils.


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