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Essential Oils

How to use the best effect of essential oils

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Essential oils exist in the form of free form in flowers, stems, leaves, fruits, roots, seeds, bark or trunk of plants. Plant essential oil has the characteristics of high concentration, Gao Huifa and high permeability. It is insoluble in water and soluble in organic solvents such as oil and alcohol. So, how to use the best effect of oil?

How to use the best effect of essential oils

    1, the correct choice for their own essential oils


    Essential oil is a very personal product, which is not readily available, and the same essential oil formula does not apply to all people with common symptoms. Therefore, to ensure the effectiveness of the use of essential oils, before using, must choose their own essential oils. If you don't know much about essential oils, consult a professional.


    2, choose the best way to use


    There are many kinds of methods such as the use of essential oils, essential oils, massage oil bath or foot bath, aromatherapy essential oils, essential oils, essential oils, hot or cold compress inhalation of essential oils, essential oils and spray fumigation method. Solve the problem of skin can choose massage method; to solve the mental stress can choose incense or essential oil bath; respiratory problems with inhalation effect is good; if you want to prevent mosquito bites, the self-made oil spray.


    3, the correct dilution of essential oils


    Pure oil directly contact the skin, often because the concentration is too high to damage the skin, so in the massage, you must first dilute the essential oils. The most commonly used to dilute essential oils is base oil or other media dilution. Blending ratio, in general, the amount of essential oil is about 0.5% to 3%, facial and other sensitive parts or for children under 12 years old massage, probably between 0.5% to 1%; severe muscle pain, you can use 3% of the amount.


    4, the skin test should be carried out first


    Allergies are not common for regular essential oils. However, due to individual differences, there are still some people allergic to some essential oils, so in order to ensure the safe use of essential oils, the first use of some essential oils, it is best to do skin test first. You can mix 1% of essential oils, apply to the wrists or ears, and have no allergies for 24 hours.


    5, don't keep using the same essential oil or formula


    Some people complain that the first few weeks of their use of essential oils are very effective, but after a period of time there is no effect. Indeed, the same formula of essential oils or essential oils is not suitable for long-term use. In order to ensure the use of the effect, an essential oil formula should be replaced after 2-3 weeks.


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