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Essential Oils

The effect of essential oils on the human body

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1. Sterilization

    It is the most taboo for majority of skin care products to be idle for a long time, because skin care products are easy to be polluted by bacteria in the environment, so that the nutrients inside will be affected. In addition, contaminated skin care products are also harmful to the skin. As the essential oil has anti-bacterial and anti-corrosion ingredients, so that it has antibacterial, anti-microbial and anti-virus effects. Therefore, besides skin care, it also has anti-inflammatory effect on skin.


2. Provide cell nutrition

    With the increasing age, skin also appears traces of years. One of the main reason is the lack of nutrients in cells. But the essential oil contains hormones, vitamins, antibiotics, so it can provide our body cells with nutrition. It can be seen that the key of skin care is adequate nutrition for skin cells , or cells have the ability to regenerate.


3. Balance the body and mind

    There are many ways of skin care. We can promote blood circulation through exercise to make the skin rosy. Or through diet regulation and nutritional supplements to make our skin in a better state. In addition, we can adopt Odor Health. The most important characteristic of essential oil is the smell; it will affect the brain, and then act on the olfactory system, so that the tiny aromatic molecules will cause psychological and physiological different levels of response in the central nervous system. Besides adjusting the body and mind, it is also very good for the maintenance of skin.


4. Immune function

    Human immunity can be improved by diet and exercise, in addition there are also many others ways. There is a way to achieve the effect of skin care, but also improve the body function. The most important feature of aromatic essential oil is to help strengthen the body's immune system and help the body against a variety of bacteria or the virus attack.


5. Shrink the eye bags

    In the case that life is not regular and sleep quality is poor, it is easy to produce eyes bags, which looks not beautiful. You can add essential oils into the mild skin toner, diluted two to three times with normal skin care dosage, which can effectively improve the eye skin. Especially lavender essential oil can effectively reduce the dark circles. But it should be noted that ordinary essential oils can not be directly used for eye skin.


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